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We are dedicated to help you

We are looking for high quality scientific research findings in the field of neuroscience and related fields like neurobiology, neuropsychology, psychophysiology, psychology and cognitive science. We think those are far too important for the society to be ignored and let to be forgotten. Many of the academic research findings, should it emerge either from basic or applied research, could have great value for other people and the society. Also, commercializing high quality research findings could benefit the society from the economical point of view: creating new employment and tax revenues for the state have obvious advantages for all of us. In addition to all the public good, transforming research results into commercial form could generate financial gain for the researcher or the entire research team.

However, we are fully aware that scientist are seldom interested in switching their careers at the research institutes to entrepreneurship. And why should they? Successful researchers only rarely have education, experience or even motivation for entrepreneurship. This is where we come into play.

If you want to see your research findings in practice, instead of letting them excel only in academic journals, but you are not personally interested in abandoning your research and career, we are here to help you. Our mission is to identify the research findings with the most promising commercial potential, refine them into a feasible products or services, and commercialize them with entrepreneurs who will take responsibility for their success. This enables researchers to concentrate on what they do best, while entrepreneurs can do the same!

If you have a research findings you think has potential, please contact us and let us discuss about next steps.