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Sentarum Neuroscience Oy is a company with exceptional competence in commercializing high quality research findings in neuroscience and related fields such as neurobiology, neuropsychology, psychophysiology, psychology and cognitive science. Our operations are focused in pre-seed and seed phases, including Scientific Competence, Technology and Know-how Transfer, IPR Screening and Evaluation, Patenting and IPR Strategy, Venture Management, Business Development and Technological Competency. Our team consist of Management team, Scientific Advisory Board and Business Advisory Board. The Scientific Advisory Board consists of professors and experts from various research fields. The Business Advisory Board has several members all merited in business and backgrounds ranging from experienced serial entrepreneurs to CEOs in multi-billion euro companies. They all share highly successful careers in business and wide contacts all over the world. We have already founded two successful and fast growing companies offering scalable neuroscientific platforms, and new ventures are currently in the making.